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At Riverside Court, we understand how difficult it can be to decide to leave your home and neighbourhood.

The fact is, moving into a retirement residence is an excellent choice for many people. It is proven that for many retirees, the right level of care indeed helps prolong independence and good health.

At Riverside Court, your lifestyle is completely tailored to who you are and what you want. Independence is extremely important to us, so we provide a broad spectrum of care and services – health and otherwise. We believe in creating a safe and happy home for all our community members.




Benefits of Living at Riverside Court

Be Independent

Living in our residence enables individuals to come and go as they please and live their lives as they wish. 201310 riverside 0877Residents can maintain privacy and freedom and also have the peace of mind knowing someone is there 24/7 on their behalf while being in a safe and secure environment without the worries and burdens of owning a house.


We offer a variety of recreational activities, nutritious well-balanced meals to contribute to each individual’s overall well-being

  • Wellness of the body - facilitating the proper administration of medications, providing healthful and delicious meals, and enabling access to a variety of wellness equipment and amenities.
  • Wellness of the mind - maintaining a safe and secure building, where residents are encouraged to socialize with family, friends and other community members.
  • And wellness of the spirit - moving in means joining a community, where all residents can be their independent selves and develop meaningful, healthy and happy relationships in a beautiful living space.

Amenities and Services

Household chores and ground maintenance are all included when living at Riverside Court. Meals are prepared by our award winning Chef, daily housekeeping and laundry services and complimentary transportation is included in the monthly rate.


We provide many social and recreational activities to encourage everyone to get involved with Riverside Court. Our Activities Director organizes a monthly activities calendar of events that take place at our Residence and within the community. This gives residents the opportunity to socialize with friends, family and other community members and enjoy one another’s company.