From our residents

I’ve been here since the beginning, so about five years. Our son recommended Riverside Court to my husband and I. My husband had Parkinson’s at the time, and they gave him excellent help. I was also able to help him, which kept us both contented. The people here are very friendly – we’re like a family. We look out for one another, so I feel at home here.

I have a lovely suite on the third floor with a view of the river. I’ve always loved the river, the boats in the summer, and how the sunsets reflect on the water and give the houses up on the hill across the river golden windows. The rainbows here are gorgeous too – they begin in one point in the river, they bow over the homes on the hill, and they finish in another point in the river. The location is great too – it’s nice and quiet.

There are also lots of great activities. Often, we pack the shuttle full of folks and head out shopping or on coffee outings. I also love tea time, when we all get together and chat. Staff come in and we have some jokes… that James is quite an entertainer! I’ve also done some gardening and I really enjoy it.

Shirley Bubar